About User Accounts

User Accounts, located on the AdminRegistered users who are members of the Administrators role. These users have full access to manage the site including adding, deleting and editing all pages and modules. Administrators also have access to the Admin pages located on the main menu. > User Accounts page, enables the creation and management of registered user accounts, as well as assignment of security roles. The fields displayed on the module can be set, as well as the way user accounts are handled. New profile properties can be created. User Accounts can be deployed to any page by an authorized however because it forms part of the Users & RolesRoles control which users can view and manage site pages and content. Roles can be created using the Admin > Security Roles page or by creating Social Groups. module package it is set as a premium module by default to reduce the instance of it being accidentally added to a page and revealing personal user information it will not be displayed in the add module area by default.

User Accounts

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