Importing a New Page

How to add a new page using the Import function. This enables users to apply a page template that has previously been exported. The new page is added to the site before user can change the page settings.

  1. On the ControlBarThe ControlBar is the default Control Panel provided with DNN., hover over the Pages menu option and select Import PageA page on a DNN site.

  1. At Folder, select the folder of the Digital Asset ManagementA Digital Asset Management (DAM) system solves the problem of managing large collections of files by making them searchable and usable. DAM provides the tools for finding, organizing, and searching large collections of files. module (AdminRegistered users who are members of the Administrators role. These users have full access to manage the site including adding, deleting and editing all pages and modules. Administrators also have access to the Admin pages located on the main menu. > File Management page) where the template is located. This enables the template field below and populates the drop down list with all templates within this folder.
  2. At Template, select a template from the drop down list. This displays a description of the selected template providing more details of the template.
  3. At Import Mode, select Create A New PageA page on a DNN site. to add a new page or Replace the Current PageA page on a DNN site. to import the content and settings into the current page.
  4. In the PageA page on a DNN site. Name text box, the template name is displayed. Use this name or enter a new name as preferred.
  5. At Parent PageA page on a DNN site., select <None Specified> to set this page as a parent page - OR - Select the parent page from the drop down list. Note: PageA page on a DNN site. Editors can only select parent pages which they are editors of.
  6. At Insert PageA page on a DNN site., select from these options to choose the location of the new page in the menu:
  7. At Redirect Mode? select the page to be directed to following import:
  8. Click the Import button.

Tip: View the new page to ensure that any modules that are set to display on all pages are not duplicated. This may occur if the selected template includes modules that are displayed on all pages.