Copying a Page

How to copy any existing page including the modules and optional module content.

Note 1: The default permissions will set the page as visible and editable by Administrators only. Permissions are only displayed to users who authorized to manage permissions on the page being copied. In this scenario, the new page will inherit permissions from its parent page.

Note 2: Users will be prevented from copying a page with a different locale setting.

  1. Optional. Navigate to the page to be copied.
  2. On the ControlBarThe ControlBar is the default Control Panel provided with DNN., hover over the Pages link and then select Copy PageA page on a DNN site. from the drop down menu. This displays the Copy PageA page on a DNN site. tab and displays the details of the page and modules to be copied.
  3. At Specify Modules, complete the following fields from left to right for each module listed:
    1. Mark  the check box beside each module to be copied to the new page.
    2. Optional. In the text box where the ModuleDNN uses a modular design system to display content on a page. One or more modules are added to each site page to create and manage the site content. There are many different types of modules, each managing a different type of site content or site administrative tasks. Title is displayed, edit the title if required.
    3. Set the content option for this module:
      • New: Select to add the module without any content.
      • Copy: Select to add the module with an independent copy of the module content. Modifying copied content doesn't update the content of the original module. Note: This option will be disabled for modules which don't have content which can be copied such as the Feedback and Account Login modules. This is the default option.
      • Reference: Select to add the module with a referenced version of the copied content. Any future content changes made on either module will be seen on both modules.
  4. Select the PageA page on a DNN site. Details tab.
  5. In the PageA page on a DNN site. Name text box, enter a name for the new page. The page name is displayed in the menu.
  6. Recommended. Complete the additional basic settings for this page. See "Setting Page Details"
  7. Optional. Select the Permissions tab to set the roles and users can view and manage this page. See "Setting Page Permissions"
  8. Optional. Select the Advanced Settings tab and complete any of the optional advanced page settings. See "Configuring Advanced Page Settings"
  9. Optional. In the Localization section, select the required option. See "Localization Settings for New Pages"
  10. Click the Add PageA page on a DNN site. button. The newly added page is now displayed.