Adding a New Page

How to add a new page to a site. This topic shows how to add a page with only the basic settings configured. PageA page on a DNN site. Name is the only required field. Accepting the default settings will add the new page to the right of the original page. Pages added using this tutorial are only visible to Administrators, allowing content to be added to the page before setting it as viewable by one or more user roles.

Note: If a maximum number of pages have been set for the site, the Add PageA page on a DNN site. button is disabled when the maximum number of pages is reached. Contact a SuperUserThese users have full access to manage the settings and content of all sites with this DNN installation, including the Host site. SuperUser accounts are created using the Host > SuperUser Accounts module. to add more pages. SuperUsers can modify the maximum number of pages set for an individual site, See "Editing Host Settings for a Site"

  1. Hover over the Pages option in the ControlBarThe ControlBar is the default Control Panel provided with DNN. then select Add New PageA page on a DNN site..

  1. In the PageA page on a DNN site. Name text box, enter a page name as it will appear in the menu. This is the only required field. Accepting all the defaults will add a page in a neutral language.
  2. Recommended. Complete the remaining optional page details for this page. See "Setting Page Details"
  3. Optional. Select the Permissions tab and set the users who can view and manage this page. The default option is a page that is visible and editable by Administrators only. Note: Permissions is only displayed to users who are authorized to manage permissions. In this scenario, the new page will inherit permissions from its parent page. See "Setting Page Permissions"
  4. Optional. Select the Advanced Settings tab and complete any of the optional advanced page settings. See "Configuring Advanced Page Settings"
  5. Recommended. In the Localization section, select the required option. This section is only displayed when content location is enabled on the site. See "Localization Settings for New Pages"
  6. Click the Add PageA page on a DNN site. button.

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