Adding Module Content

Authorized users can add content to one or more modules. This topic show a typically method of adding content to modules, however this is not uniform across all modules.

Tip: If the Control PanelDNN comes with a choice of two Control Panels called ControlBar (default) and the RibbonBar. The Control Panel enables Content Editors (optional), Page Editors, Administrators and SuperUsers to access a range of site building and administrative tools. is displayed, ensure Edit mode is selected.

  1. Mouse over the Edit button in the module action menu to view the editing options that are available to the current user.
  2. Select the Add Edit option displayed for the module. The name beside the button will change depending on the module. E.g. The HTMLHypertext Markup Language. A set of tags used to mark the structural elements of text files. HTML files include tags that create hyperlinks to other documents on the Internet. module displays the Add Edit Content option for editing; the Announcements module displays Add New Announcement; and the Banners module displays Add BannerThe Banners module displays vendor banner advertising. Banners can be either a static or an animated image, HTML or plain text, as well as script such as JavaScript. You can set the number of banners displayed in the module as well as set a number of layout options. Where more banners are available than the module is set to display at one time, then different banners are displayed each time the page is visited. Options. Additional options will also be listed here for modules that have multiple editing choices. For Example, the FAQs module also displays the Add Manage Categories option.

  1. Add, edit and update the module content as required.

For details on adding content to specific modules see "Installed Modules" and "Available Modules" sections.