Creating a MicroSite

Users can create a MicroSite that is only visible to mobile device users to manage their mobile device web presence. A MicroSite consists of a single parent page and multiple child pages that can be created and managed from the main site in the same way as normal site pages.

Here's how to build a MicroSite:

  1. Add a new page to the current site (See "Adding a New Page"), ensuring the DarkKnightMobile - Microsite_Home page skin is selected. This page will be the parent page of the MicroSite.
  2. Add one or more child pages beneath the parent page, ensuring the DarkKnightMobile - Microsite_Interior page skin is selected
  3. Repeat Step 2 to add child pages below the child pages and complete the MicroSite structure.

In the below example, the parent page of the MicroSite is called "Products - Mobile"

Notice that when a child page of the MicroSite is selected it uses the mobile skin menu.

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