Adding a Module to a Multi-Language Site

Authorized users can add a new module to a multi-language site. This adds the module to the chosen language only, however it can then be added to additional languages. ModuleDNN uses a modular design system to display content on a page. One or more modules are added to each site page to create and manage the site content. There are many different types of modules, each managing a different type of site content or site administrative tasks. content can be copy of the original content or it can be set for translation.

  1. View the site in the language where the new module is required. See "Viewing a Site in the Default Language" or See "Viewing a Site in a Secondary Language"
  2. Navigate to the page where the module will be added. See "Viewing Any Page" or See "Viewing any Page (Pages Management)"
  3. Add the module. See "Adding a New Module (ControlBar)", See "Adding a New Module (RibbonBar)" or See "Adding a New Module (Iconbar)"
  4. Add module content as required. See "Editing Module Content"
  5. Now that the module is added and the content has been created, choose from these options: